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  • Jewellery
    As with any precious jewel, your Baccarat jewellery requires particular attention.
    Crystal and fine or precious pearls is sensitive to heavy or repetitive contact with other objects.
    It is recommended to avoid any contact with other objects, including jewellery that could create surface damage.
    It is also recommended to avoid contact with substances such as perfumes, lacquers, or detergents that could possibly damage the jewellery. To maintain its brilliance, we suggest cleaning your jewellery with a soft cloth.
  • Bar & Tableware


    By hand
    In order to prevent damage, glasses must be washed individually using warm water and anon-abrasive product. We recommend using gentle care dishwasher tablets which may also be used for washing by hand.

    Tilt glass downwards and rinse under the faucet ending with the base.


    In the dishwasher
    Set the dishwasher to the delicate cycle on a low temperature. If the temperature is too high, a chemical reaction may occur that could dull the crystal. We recommend using gentle care dishwasher tablets, which may also be used if washing by hand.

    Separate and position the glasses, spacing the glasses far enough apart so that they do not have contact with each other.

    Drying and wiping
    Place the glasses on a towel or on an absorbent kitchen paper to drain, or wipe delicately holding the glass by the stem to minimize pressure.

    Always use a lint-free fine cotton towel or a linen towel. It is best to place the glasses back in their boxes or stand them upright, without touching each other.



    It is best not to leave wine in the decanters and to rinse them immediately after use. Decanters must be washed in warm water with a softs ponge. We recommend using gentle care dishwasher tablets, which may also be used while washing by hand.

    Decanters should always best stored without a cap to allow for airing.
    To absorb any remaining moisture,insert along strand of absorbent kitchen paper for about 10 hours.

  • Decoration


    We recommend using mineral water as hard water may have damaging effects on the crystal and leave a water line on the upper part of the vase. If there is no mineral water available, it is recommended to change the water level.

    If your vase is heavy and bulky, and thus difficult to move, we suggest not filling the vase completely but adding water or even ice cubes on a daily basis.



    Clean them with a soft cloth.
    Anti-static products may help protect items from gathering dust.

  • Lighting

    Large chandeliers must be maintained by experienced professionals who know how to take them apart, to clean each part and to place everything back correctly.

    Small and medium sized chandeliers should be dusted regularly in order to avoid more integral cleaning procedures.

    Wear cotton gloves lightly moisturized with isopropyl alcohol,and gently rub the crystal pearls and ornaments.

    For best results, gloves should be re-moisturized from time to time while cleaning.Be careful to follow instructions for the specific product being used, as contents may be flammable.


    Do not place wax candles into candlestick holders by using melted wax.

    We recommend the use of non-drip candles.

    In case the wax sticks to the candlestick holders, gently wipe it away by using lukewarm water.

    We recommend not to let candles burn down entirely (leave approximately 3 inches standing), as the contact with a flame could cause the crystal to shatter.

  • Repairs
    Common repairs are:
    - The removal of scratches.
    - The repair of chipped edges on glasses, goblets, vases and decorative pieces.
    - The polishing of a tarnished article to restore its original sparkle.

    To have your item repaired, we handle this kind of enquiry case by case.

    We invite you to visit a Baccarat store where our consultants will be able to respond to your request. You can find our store by our store locator.


  • Checkout
    When you are ready to complete your purchase, simply go to Checkout and follow these steps to place your order:

    For registered users:

    • If you are a returning customer and have an account, please sign in using your email address and password and you will be taken directly to the first Checkout tab.

    For non-registered users:

    • If you are not registered, you can proceed without creating an account or you can create an account.

    Billing and Shipping Tab

    Enter your billing information as it appears on your credit card statement. Your credit card will not be accepted without the appropriate billing address and telephone number. If you are a returning customer, your billing address will automatically appear on the Billing and Shipping page. If the shipping address is different than the billing address, enter the address where you would like your order shipped.

    Shipping Options

    We offer standard method of delivery is available on this Website at the time of the Order.

    Payment Information

    At this time, you must verify your address information is correct, review your order and then enter your payment method and click "Place Order". For more information on payment, click here.

    Purchase Summary

    After you complete the checkout process, the Purchase Summary page confirms detailed of the order you have placed and also provides you with a Purchase Summary reference number. We recommend that you print this Purchase Summary page for your records as it may be needed for order references.

    Order and Shipment Confirmations

    You will receive an order confirmation email which will include an order number - you can use this to track your order in My Account. Once your items have been shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with details of which item/items have been sent. Please note that if you order more than one item, it is possible that different items may arrive on different days depending on stock availability.

  • Valid Payment Methods

    Baccarat accepts the following credit cards for online purchases:

    • VISA
    • MasterCard
    • American Express

    Credit Cards : The total dollar amount of your order is allocated at the time your card is approved, although payment (transfer of funds) does not occur until the order ships. If the amount charged exceeds your credit limit, your order will be automatically canceled.

    PayPal : If paying with PayPal, the amount of your purchase is debited when the order is placed.

    If paying with Bank Transfer, you must deposit the amount of your purchase to Baccarat’s designated account within three (3) calendar days, and provide the bank statement clearly showing the amount you paid, your name and order reference to If the payment is not confirmed, your order will be automatically canceled.

  • Order Cancellation

    You may contact our Customer Service on +852 2881 0048 or by e-mail to: to check the order status. If the order is already shipped, it cannot be cancelled. In this case, you will accept the parcel when delivered and contact the Customer Service to arrange return and being refunded when the item is back.



  • Delivery Method
    We offer standard method of delivery.

    The Customer gives a delivery address which must be located on the Territory, otherwise the Order will be refused.

    The Customer is exclusively liable for non-delivery due to a lack of information given during the Order.

    At this time, this Website does not deliver to P.O. Boxes, or APO/FPO, It takes 3-4 business days for delivery to outlying islands (including Discovery Bay and Park Islands).
  • Delivery Cost & Time
    The amount of the Delivery Costs depends on the amount and nature of the Order and the delivery method chosen by the Customer. The Customer is always informed of the amount of the Delivery Costs before the validation of the Order.

    The Delivery Costs are calculated in accordance with the Products ordered and the Method of Delivery you have chosen :

    Standard delivery

    Instore pick-up (available soon)


    Delivery within 3 to 5 business days

    Ready for pickup in 3 business days




    Other products


    Less than HK$4999






    More than HK$10000



    (*) : These Time Limits run from the Validation of the Order, only if the Order is placed before 9 am, Mondays to Fridays (excluding bank holidays). Delivery time is not guaranteed. Some heavy or bulky items may require longer delivery time. Additional charges may be assessed if more than one attempt is made for delivery.

    Provided the Products chosen are available, the Delivery Method mentioned above is specified to the Customer throughout the Validation and payment process for the Order. The Delivery Time corresponds to the Delivery Method chosen by the Customer.
    The Delivery Time runs from the Date of Confirmation of the Order by Baccarat and is the average length of time for preparing and routing the Order on the Territory.
  • Follow up of the Orders
    Registered Customers can monitor the processing of the Order by visiting My Account and then My Orders.

    Non-registered Customers do not have online access to order status and history. Non-registered Customers may request information by sending email to: or by phone at +852 2881 0048, if prompted, giving the order confirmation number and date of the Order.
  • Acccepting the Orders
    The Customer must provide signatory on Delivery.
    The Customer is responsible for the loss or damage in the event of collecting the parcel by his designated person.
    The Customer must check the condition of the packaging, as well as the Articles upon Delivery.
    The Customer has the right to make reserve and make claim he or she considers necessary, especially if the Product is apparently damaged on arrival. The said reserve and claim must be sent to Baccarat within three (3) calendar days, following the Delivery Date of the Products. Failure to make the said claim within the foregoing deadline will be deemed the Customer’s relinquishment of the right to make any claims against Baccarat.
    The Customer must keep the parcel (including the packaging and Articles) intact until the claim is approved and settled.
    The Customer must check that the Products delivered to it correspond to the Order. If the nature or quality of the Products do not conform to the specifications in the packing slip, the Customer must return the Products in their complete and original packaging conditions within fourteen (14) calendar days following the date the Customer receives the Order. Please refer to Return & Refund section.


  • Return & Refund
    Baccarat wishes to offer its Customers the possibility of returning the products.

    Conditions of a Return
    The Customer has fourteen (14) calendar days to return the Product(s) following the date of Delivery.
    The Customer may return one or all the Products in his or her Online Sales Order. The Customer must provide proof of this return. This assumes that the Products will be returned by such means as enabling a definite date to be fixed for the return, with the Customer responsible for the arrangement, costs and risks of the return.

    Baccarat does not offer the possibility of Customer returning Products under an Order placed on this Website to a physical boutique of Baccarat anywhere around the world.
    Baccarat does not offer the possibility of returning Products purchased in a Baccarat boutique anywhere around the world to this Website.
    Products must be returned in their complete and original packaging conditions.
    Products returned in incomplete, damaged or spoiled conditions will not be processed for refunding. If refunding request is rejected by Baccarat, the Customer is responsible to collect the returned items from Baccarat’s designated location by appointment within sixty (60) calendar days. If the impossibility of collection is confirmed, Baccarat reserves the right to dispose the returned items without seeking the consensus with the Customer.
    The shipping costs of the returned Products are borne by the Customer.
    Delivery charges paid when placing the Order by the Customer on this Website are not refundable.

    Steps to follow
    The Customer who wishes to return the purchased Products must contact Baccarat’s Customer Service Department by e-mail to: with the reason of return, a copy of invoice and the images of the Products to be returned, within fourteen (14) calendar days upon receipt of the parcel.
    The Customer may return one or all the Products from his or her Online Sales Order by post.
    The Customer must complete the return form provided by the Customer Service Department, and prepare the package by accompanying the returned Products with the completed return form, the original invoice and the item(s) to be returned.

    The Customer must place the returned Products in their original packaging materials of Baccarat’s red box(es), with each box tied up with strings. The Baccarat’s red box(es) should then be packed in proper outer box filled with protection materials to fill up any loose space.
    The Customer must designate as the recipient address the Baccarat’s designated location to be provided by the Customer Service Department.
    The Customer is responsible for bringing the return package and paying shipping charges to the designated carrier.
    The Customer must provide the proof of this return to the Customer Service Department within fourteen (14) calendar days upon the provision of the return form by the Customer Service Department.
    Once the package is received, inspected and confirmed by Baccarat in conformity with the above prescribed return conditions, the Customer will be refunded of the Product price directly to the payment method used during the purchase (credit/debit card, PayPal account or bank account) within forty-five (45) calendar days.
  • Exchange
    Baccarat does not offer the possibility of exchanging purchased Products from this Website, which are either delivered to the Customer’s designated address or picked up at Baccarat physical boutiques.

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