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HK$5,600 - HK$4,200,000
From HK$280,000 to HK$4,200,000
| Available in 2 sizes
From HK$198,000 to HK$3,130,000
| Available in 2 sizes
From HK$830,000 to HK$1,200,000


From HK$745,000 to HK$1,080,000
From HK$255,000 to HK$1,550,000
| Available in 2 sizes
From HK$265,000 to HK$4,100,000
From HK$165,000 to HK$1,230,000
From HK$119,000 to HK$285,000
| Available in 3 sizes
From HK$238,000 to HK$1,400,000