Hotels and Restaurants

Dress Code Hotel Paris

Dress Code Hotel - Paris

Concept Stéphanie Coutas

restaurant with Baccarat tableware, lightings and vases

Georges V Hotel - Paris

Hélios 64 L bespoke Baccarat chandelier

Negresco Hotel at Nice, France

Negresco Hotel - Nice

Photograph Elisabeth Billhardt

Monumental Baccarat Chandelier - Custom Made

view from inside hotel and bar with Baccarat chandelier and ceilings

Château Frontenac Hotel - Paris

Photograph Jacques Vekemans

Concept Cabinet Moreau

Monumental Mille Nuits bespoke Baccarat chandelier

hotel room with decorative Baccarat pieces

Intercontinental Marceau - Paris

Photograph Alexandra Bansard

Concept Bruno Borrione

Crystal Supper Console Table designed by Philippe Starck

hotel room with Baccarat chandelier

Arès Eiffel Hotel - Paris

Photograph Serge Ramelli

Concept Monsieur et Madame Casimiri

Mille Nuits bespoke Baccarat chandelier

hotel staircase with Baccarat chandelier

Hôtel de Sers - Paris

Bessé Signature Group

Photograph Copyright Hôtel de Sers

Concept Thomas Vidalence

Zénith bespoke Baccarat chandelier

restaurant with Baccarat tableware and chandeliers

Trianon Palace - restaurant Gordon Ramsay - Versailles

Waldorf Astoria Hotel

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